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I know it is not easy to reach out for support when you feel like your failure, and it seems like it is just your own weakness.  I am here to tell you, it is not your fault, there are strategies to change binge behaviors and there is absolutely hope. The truth is, no matter how conflicted you may feel, this internal battle is destroying your health and happiness.  The solution is to separate from this mistaken identity and discovery who you truly are, your authentic self.

I make a promise to stand the test of time and continue to motivate you throughout your journey of recovery.  I can't wait to meet you!


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Recovering from an eating disorder is not just about normalizing you're eating pattern and maintaining a healthy weight. Together we will rediscover your own true identity, your authentic self. 



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The Decision to
Stop Being Controlled 

Acceptance is the first step toward positive change but can be a painful process.  The fear of letting go can stop us in our tracks. Here you will explore the broader subject of acceptance and the influence it has on reducing one's negative experiences. You will discover why acceptance is difficult and the role it plays in the process of change.

Mind/Body Connection

When we take the time to look at our daily lives, we realize we are often lost in worries, planning, regretting, and distractions. Being mentally somewhere other than the present moment. We become numb to what is happening in the here and now because we are so focused on the next thing we are going to do, say or change about ourselves. Have you had this experience? By practicing mindfulness, we develop self-awareness, become calm, more focused, gain clarity of mind, and increase our capacity to be in the present moment.

Nurturing the Soul

There is a letting go that naturally happens when you take time away from the business of life. A time to de-stress, refresh and rejuvenate in a nurturing, empowering and supportive environment. Learn ways to get out of your head and reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit. Learning to integrate self-renewal strategies into our daily lives, exploring ways of getting out of our head, and feeling more connected to our body are some of the benefits of taking time for ourselves.

You are NOT your Eating Disorder!


My approach is rooted in mindfulness therapies.  I incorporate mind, body, and spiritual aspects of my client’s life to help them break free from the never-ending cycle of binging.

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Know Thyself

Like a river, your negative thought pattern creates a never-ending flow of self-judgement and self-hatred going on 24/7 in your heads.  It blames you for the problems, the pain and the cost of recovery.  You find it almost impossible to entertain or explore any vision of life beyond your eating disorder experience. 

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“Just the idea of accepting my body and self as I am, with all my flaws, weaknesses, and failures makes my stomach turn.” 


Individuals with binge eating struggle with self-acceptance. You may ask yourself, but how can accept myself like this?  When we are not accepting of ourselves, we judge, berate, and criticize everything we do.  Including our efforts to change habits and self-destructive behaviors.  Dishonesty creates a kind of bubble where we become our own worst critic.  Ask yourself, what are the benefits of being so self-critical?  Be honest.  Does negative, critical, judgmental, and angry self-talk really motivate you? What is important to know is self-acceptance is not about shaming yourself into changing, it’s about understanding where you are, without judgment, so you can make better choices and move forward.

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5 strategies to help you

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